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"Hurachq Web"  LLC since 2010. It's been around for 9 years doing its job in the field of website development and promotion.

Our team has been designing and developing a variety of web sites, Android and iOS apps for the past 9 years, always delivering high-quality products.

The products of our company are exclusively our own and are free of the use of various templates CMS's, as a result, we have succeeded in creating ultra-flexible managed websites that provide high bandwidth and reliable protection.

Constantly improving our knowledge, we provide our clients with the best technology solutions. We dedicate ourselves to every cause, we creating true values.

We are honored to be your reliable IT partner.


We develop multifunctional sites using state-of-the-art technology solutions.

During 9 years of operation, our team make, online selling platforms, various business websites, information portals, social network, and video hosting.

Products of "Hurachq Web" has a high level of security, spends minimal resources and management system is simple.

What is our advantage?

    • Programming in short timeframes
    • High bandwidth
    • Adapted Web site when accessing computers and smartphones
    • Own products with its control system
    • Flexible database construction and optimization
    • Individual approach to each project:



Organizing advertising campaigns and targeted page promotion on social networks can significantly promote your business.

Our company is ready to support you in the world of Social Media Marketing, analyze your pages and Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin on other social networks, target and organize advertising campaigns.

We are also ready to organize ad campaigns on Google and Yandex advertising platforms, as well as promote your site in search engines.


In the modern world, business automation and document turnover are needed by the business world like air and water, which enables us to save time and reduce the human error factor.

"Hurachq Web" can provide unique tools for every business. We're ready to listen to any issues that hinder your business and offer optimal solution programming.

What is our advantage?

  • Business analysis, quick and simple solutions presentation
  • High bandwidth
  • Security Painting
  • Flexible database construction and optimization
  • Individual approach, to every project